Simple. Smart. Fast.

Organizations that excel in operations and maintenance empower their people with the knowledge and resources they need to do their jobs. They strive to make data interpretation simple and sharing fast – from the field, to the office and back again. When that happens, the right decisions are made faster, costs reduce and customer experience improves. 

  • Rapid Integration
    myWorld integrates to many different data sources.

    • GIS - Esri, GE Smallworld, Intergraph, spatialNET
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    • Work Management Systems (WMS)
    • Network Management Systems (NMS) such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, OMS
    • Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Workforce Management Systems (WFM)
  • Office and Field
    One single coherent architecture for all your mobile and field geospatial based applications.

    • Supports iOS, Android, Windows
    • Laptop, tablet and phone application layouts
    • Dynamic user driven data download - just point and click
    • Live access to cloud based data when network connection is available
    • Data sync updates back from field with integrity checks
    • Support for modern media including photos, video, audio, email and txt
  • Build your own applications
    myWorld is designed to provide you with the tools to build, deploy and manage your own applications.

    • Menu driven configuration for data integration and access
    • Simple but powerful forms builder
    • One code base for all mobile platforms
    • Dynamic code sync for mobile devices keeping all applications up to date
    • Sketching and data update tools
    • Security supporting top 10 OWASP guidelines


myWorld transforms companies in these industries

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    Proactive network management for cable and telecom operators

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  • Gas

    Mobile and web, compliance and integrity solutions for gas utilities

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  • # Electric Learn more


    Reduce SAIDI & SAIFI with intelligent field and office solutions

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  • Simplicity at every step

    Simplicity at every step

    From the architecture to user experience. Simplicity is the common thread. Your people need no complex training to map and query all the relevant information.
  • Visualize your enterprise

    Visualize your enterprise

    Fuse your enterprise and geospatial data for unparalleled visibility of complex asset networks in a simple mapping interface, and deliver unmatched operational awareness.
  • Maximize your GIS investment

    Maximize your GIS investment

    Enable more people to benefit from your GIS and other enterprise data, and drive more insights by correlating and visualizing all your information in a map view.
  • Exploit enterprise & external data

    Exploit enterprise & external data

    Exploit consumer-driven data, such as Google Maps or weather, combining it with your operational data to get the real-world view of your operations.
  • Go mobile

    Go mobile

    Access myWorld online or offline; work on a computer, a tablet or smartphone. Flexibility is the key.
  • Meet performance and scalability expectations

    Meet performance and scalability expectations

    High performance is essential. myWorld is optimized to render maps very quickly – typically one to three seconds for most operations. The solution delivers immediate query results, and it scales easily to thousands of users.
  • Company-standard printing capabilities

    Company-standard printing capabilities

    Support your document-based business processes with electronic or hard-copy files based on templates. Include company logo, legends, copyrights and standard technical drawing title-blocks.
  • Secure data access

    Secure data access

    Built to OWASP Top 10 guidelines; myWorld meets industry web application security requirements and best practices. Combine that with rich authorization and authentication, as well as advanced security features, and you have the ability to protect your data while opening doors for everyone in your organization.
  • Rapidly recognize returns

    Rapidly recognize returns

    Deploy myWorld fast, with minimal IT resource overhead and without disrupting current operations.

Case Studies

How myWorld helps

  • Ubisense myWorld gave a major cable operator unprecedented operational visibility to pinpoint widespread damage to infrastructure, prioritize response efforts and restore service to customers.

    • Repairs were completed faster, based on accurate, streamlined restoration requirements
    • Storm damage assessment was far more efficient, allowing development of a strategic response plan
    • As the storm approached Ubisense myWorld was deployed immediately


myWorld has a scalable modular architecture that allows rapid incremental deployment of solutions which can quickly grow to thousands of users.



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