What we do

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    Ubisense has a proven track record of helping businesses evolve, refine and transform operational effectiveness.
  • Ubisense is a global leader in Enterprise Location Intelligence solutions. We work with manufacturing, communications and utilities companies, enabling them to improve operational effectiveness, increase efficiency and boost profitability. With the latest location technology at their fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

    Our solutions help users at every level and in every location – from the boardroom to the factory floor – improve the way they work. By unlocking new intelligence and insights, our clients can exploit new operational possibilities while strengthening current best practices and procedures. It could be manufacturing or network operations, customer service or asset management.

  • 5 of the top 10 global automobile manufacturers, 6 major telecoms network operators and a host of utilities companies around the world use our solutions – seeing clear benefits that are transforming their businesses.

    Founded in 2002, Ubisense is a public listed company (AIM:UBI) with offices worldwide. Our team is diverse, but our goal is the same; to improve our customers’ operational effectiveness by bringing clarity to complexity. We aim to help our clients reduce costs, increase performance and gain exceptional return on investment. 


The businesses we support

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    Passenger Vehicles

    See how we address automotive manufacturing challenges

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    Heavy Vehicles

    We can help to improve your heavy vehicle production operation

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    Aerospace & Defense

    Our solution delivers process visibility for global industries

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    We can transform field services and network operations

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Ubisense supports global businesses in the manufacturing, telecoms and utilities sectors.

Our products are tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry – from giving telecoms companies greater visibility to helping automotive manufacturers reduce errors and increase throughput.

Our Values

Our shared vision

The Ubisense values underpin everything we do. The following four express our shared vision for the company: What we believe, what we strive to achieve and what we aspire to be. This ethos is key to the success of our team and our customers.

  • Innovation

    We’re passionate about innovation and encourage everyone to share ideas. Ideas drive innovation and the needs of our customers drive our ideas.

  • Excellence

    We aim for excellence throughout our work – whether it’s our technology, business, people or our own operations.

  • Communication

    As a global organization, we understand and respect different cultures. We believe in positive communication, so we collaborate to help everyone be the best they can through training, constructive feedback and coaching.

  • Flexibility

    The world doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We are continually innovating today to keep pace with tomorrow’s challenges. And we empower our people to make quick, informed decisions. 

Our team

Experience. Expertise. Vision.

We know that technology is nothing without people, so we've built a global team that combines experience, expertise and vision. Ours is a dynamic and growing workforce, where we encourage every individual to put forward their ideas and make a difference in a way that delivers maximum value to our customers. Visit our careers page to learn more about the innovative, supportive working environment we've created at Ubisense. 


Ubisense collaborates with a network of highly skilled partners. Together we’re able to tackle real-world problems that span disciplines and traditional silos. If you’d like to know more about becoming a Ubisense partner, please get in touch.


A global company 

Ubisense has offices in North America, Europe and Asia and serves customers all around the world.

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Experience, Expertise, Vision.

Find out the latest news from Ubisense including our share price, financial news, corporate governance, results, annual reports and other company information. Just visit our investor relations pages, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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