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21 ways to chase waste with Smart Factory


14 May 2014

Eliminating waste is an important part of improving your production system. The old way of chasing waste was to wait until it popped up and then chase it down. This reactive approach does not achieve meaningful improvements, and it drains your organization’s energy and resources.

There is a new way to chase waste: use an indoor location tracking solution and let it tell you what you need to know before it becomes a problem.

Indoor location tracking can:
  • Notify you immediately when something unexpected occurs, such as a missed step or an incorrect process sequence. Notifications can be done by email, SMS, or visual alert.
  • Help you find inventory that is stuck, abandoned, or misplaced so that all of your equipment is properly utilized.
  • Identify process bottlenecks with real data to help justify change or future investments.
With real-time maps, event alerts, and location information, you can find and eliminate waste efficiently and proactively!
Visualize Your Factory

Ubisense Smart Factory allows you to easily search for, identify, and find an asset in real time. We know you have goals to meet and products to produce, so we have made our solution simple and intuitive; technology should enable you, not hinder you. Let us show you how it can make your job easier, your processes more efficient, and help you achieve your goal of eliminating waste.

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