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Contactless Technologies Conference – Lille, France


17 December 2014

Ubisense Real-Time Location and Manufacturing industry experts Christian Raux and Hubert Peyre presented at the Contactless Technologies Conference in Lille this week. The event, held on December 9, was entirely dedicated to indoor location technologies.

Ubisense is a global leader in Enterprise Location Intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Communications and Utilities companies. We enable some of the world’s largest businesses to improve operational effectiveness, significantly increasing their profitability.Christian and Hubert were among the few speakers at the event who were demonstrating the powerful benefits of location intelligence solutions in industrial applications.

Ubisense engineers have over 30 combined years of in-service operation with our flagship product Smart Factory, which is used by top automotive and aerospace companies around the world. Smart Factory is a production-certified system, designed specifically to help manufacturers sustain continuous flow, optimize efficiency and reduce errors in manual assembly processes.

The conference in Lille was a fantastic opportunity for Hubert and Christian to talk to customers, prospects, and other industry personnel, and to demonstrate the limitless possibilities for operational improvement that location intelligence solutions can deliver.

For more information on Ubisense, visit our website at www.ubisense.net. Or to find out about the event, click here:

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