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Factory 2050 conference shows how today’s technology is paving the way to Industry 4.0


01 April 2015

Last week Ubisense attended the AMRC Factory 2050 conference at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, UK. The conference was centred on the latest developments and technologies in manufacturing and supply chain processes and highlighted the astounding breadth and pace of innovation that is driving the manufacturing industry towards Industry 4.0.

When completed, Factory 2050 will be the world’s first totally reconfigurable factory, with Ubisense SmartFactory providing the full infrastructure to track and monitor machine and component part movement around the factory.

Ubisense’s Darcie Cousins presented our vision of The Learning Factory and noted that a key part of this vision is breaking the shackles that fixed workstations place on the manufacturing process. By using systems that generate insight on how processes can be tweaked and optimised in real time, manufacturers can respond easily to increased product variation and customization requirements, whilst still delivering measurable gains in production efficiency and ROI.


Darcie Cousins presenting The Next Evolution: The Learning Factory at the Factory 2050 conference

There were several other interesting themes discussed over the 2 days, notably on innovations in the use of virtual and augmented reality platforms in manufacturing to connect the virtual and physical worlds. It was great to see how global OEMs like Boeing are using these technologies in a serious way to help engineers navigate complex assembly procedures.

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