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The golden rule: Better visibility = better process


01 January 2014

Without Ubisense you can't see the entire picture....

Visibility is a critical component in any task that involves motion. Humans rely on their sense of sight, sound, touch and even smell in order to identify and locate objects around them, and in doing so safely and efficiently complete execute tasks involving intricate motion. The seemingly simple task of walking through a crowded shopping mall requires detailed knowledge of the position, nature and motion of all objects in that environment lest we expect a wall to move out of our way, or needlessly dodge a person whose path does not in fact cross ours.
But with Ubisense you can see exactly where everything is in real time.

Any manufacturing process is similarly a complex task involving intricate motion: parts and sub-assemblies move from suppliers to assembly facilities; items under construction move from workstation to workstation; tools, parts and workers must assemble at the right place at the right time. The list goes on and on.

In any such environment the scope for mistakes and inefficiencies is prevalent: parts delivered to the wrong place, the incorrect tools used, bottlenecks impeding progress, items lost. In just the same way that human senses provide real-time information about the environment enabling informed judgments to be made and efficient progress to follow, location intelligent systems provide visibility into manufacturing processes and give operators the visibility and control needed to optimize efficiency and eliminate mistakes.

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