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Fit-for-purpose: Ubisense's Industry-Leading RTLS Technology


16 October 2015

At Ubisense we develop the leading Real-Time Location System (RTLS), which is used by blue chip companies around the world. So how do we ensure our tech is fit-for-purpose?

Unparalleled location accuracy

Our RTLS provides consistently-accurate process information, in real-time. This capability is essential in order to deliver the advanced functionality which makes the RTLS useful to end users.

For example, every day at the average car plant the Ubisense RTLS processes 45 million location updates, allowing it to execute 240,000 tool control events on the assembly line. This feature alone saves significant cost and waste for the manufacturer.

Read about the Ubisense RTLS platform here

Proven, in-production critical environments

In order to perform in complicated environments, an RTLS solution has to be robust and reliable. The Ubisense RTLS is used for production-critical applications and complex operations, such as such as automatic, product-sensitive tool control on vehicle assembly lines. Our system is proven to meet even stringent certification standards, including those of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Design and meticulous planning

Our RTLS system is engineered from the ground up to be fit-for-purpose in a range of different applications and high-performance situations. It is functional but still maintains an aesthetically pleasing unit that fits into a wide variety of deployments. Even inside, every fine detail is planned meticulously.

ten-year partnership with our hardware design partner, has resulted in a technology platform that is scalable proven to deliver advanced functionality that might have been seen as science fiction when we began.

Engineered by the best in the business

At Ubisense we’ve been pioneering intelligent location solutions for more than 20 years, and employ some of the best engineers in the industry to build and support our RTLS. In July this year our founder and Chief Technical Officer, Dr Andy Ward, received the coveted Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering for the Ubisense real-time location system.

Looking to the future – the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

The often cited Internet of Things (IoT) imagines a not-so-distant future in which devices and sensors are networked globally to create a whole new class of applications. At Ubisense we’ve already been doing this for years, using the data from our advanced RTLS to provide context and meaning to other data sources.

When applied to Industry 4.0, Ubisense solutions offer a step on the path towards a future of flexible, intelligent processes which leverage real-time data from sensors to translate full, operational visibility into unprecedented business gains and new applications.

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