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Realizing the Factory of the Future


09 November 2015

Ubisense RTLS technology is pioneering the way towards the factory of the future, enabling cooperation between people and machines, and helping to realize the world as imagined by Industry 4.0: seamless integration between manufacturing assets, processes and business systems.

For vehicle manufacturers, market pressures are forcing this progress. In order to meet their customers’ demands for product customization, and to remain cost effective, auto factories need to get smarter. Manufacturers not only recognize this, they’re already planning ahead to ensure that they are positioned to harness product variation as a differentiating strength in their marketplace.

Click here to watch Future Factory video

Smart manufacturing is beautifully demonstrated here by PSA Peugeot-Citron. You can see automatically guided vehicles (AGVs) everywhere in the plant, transporting robots, car bodies, parts and even workers - everything is mobile and connected.

Ubisense technology is at the leading edge of the evolution towards the future factory. We are already (and have been for more than seven years) enabling flexible, intelligent processes at many global OEM’s. Processes such as automatic product-sensitive device control, which leverage real-time data from sensors and connected to other systems.

We are also collaborating with leading engineering academics in Southern Europe and OEM’s to further the integration of location intelligence in robotics and AGVs, such as those seen transporting assets in the video above.

Like any revolutionary change, the factory of the future will be adopted in stages, over time…. but every day we are getting closer….

More about Ubisense and Industry 4.0:


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