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Ubisense Smart Factory: Delivering never before possible visibility for manufacturers worldwide


20 November 2014

This week, Ubisense announced enhancements to its Smart Factory system that will be available early next year. Admittedly, we’ve been a tad quiet about Smart Factory so I thought I’d formally introduce you to one of the most advanced location intelligence offerings available to manufacturers today.

Ubisense Smart Factory is a production-certified system that helps manufacturers sustain continuous flow, optimize efficiency and reduce errors in manual assembly processes. By accurately identifying and locating process-critical assets, Smart Factory provides real-time operational awareness, adaptive control and data-driven insights.

Using a sophisticated system that combines advanced hardware (tags and sensors) with software, Ubisense Smart Factory can reveal an entirely new level of visibility to help manufacturers gain efficiencies at a level never before possible. Think massive improvements in quality, productivity, and operational control and costs – all which help manufacturers more effectively manage mass product customization, which is where our world is headed.

For instance, in 2012, car buyers in Europe had 190 different car model choices. In 2019, the number will increase to an estimated 230 different models[1]. Producing that level of variation requires a substantial number of different parts and processes. How can manufacturers possibly maintain quality by delivering on the demand for customization and choice? Ubisense Smart Factory.

Want to learn more about Smart Factory? View our case study on how Ubisense helped BMW boost productivity.

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