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Bringing simplicity to complex challenges - Ubisense presents at the exclusive Innovation Showcase, CableLabs Summer Conference

25 August 2016

Scott Casey, VP of Geospatial Solutions at Ubisense, talks about presenting at the Innovation Showcase at CableLabs Summer Conference. He said: “We were thrilled to be one of the eight companies selected by CableLabs to present at its Innovation Showcase, part of the CableLabs Summer Conference - one of the most important events in the cable industry’s calendar. Exclusively for CableLabs members, the Innovation Showcase provides the opportunity for solution providers to demonstrate their latest innovations in front of 500 plus senior technology leaders from the cable industry. For us, that meant demonstrating how myWorld is delivering ROI for our customers in the cable industry and significantly reducing complexity in virtually all of their operational areas.

“Complexity is an ever increasing issue and a perpetual challenge for cable operators. Networks are increasing in complexity with new products being constantly introduced and hundreds of technical and service issues every single day that have to be managed at an optimal level. The difficulties are compounded by the fact that visibility is limited to specific areas and contained within network and service management silos.

“Ubisense’s myWorld brings simplicity to complex operational challenges, providing a live operating picture of a cable operator’s network health, status and performance. myWorldintegrates all types of GIS and design data with billing, CRM, CMTS, DOCSIS, CLI, TTS, health / status and Proactive Network Management, and presents them in a simple and easy to understand way allowing easier diagnosis of network issue and proactive network management. The information is available in the office and in the field on any device - Windows, iOS and Android.

“The ability to incorporate multiple data sources and analytics that pinpoint issues within the network architecture in a simple to use way is a game changer for troubleshooting multifaceted network problems. It is a combination that is delivering major benefits for our customers. One major MSO witnessed significant savings through increased staff productivity as well as a notable reduction in MTTR that was clearly visible as they conducted an enterprise region-by-region 6 month rollout of myWorld.

“Not only is managing the network becoming more and more complex, but the industry is about to experience exponential growth in demand. We’ve seen that consumer web and mobile apps and open source software have outpaced traditional enterprise IT, so myWorld is bringing these capabilities to your business. From real experience, our solution provides valuable insights and opens the door to brand new levels of automation, visibility and collaboration.”

See the presentation here