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Damage Assessment – It’s not Mickey Mouse


29 October 2015

We just completed our latest Damage Assessment training session with one of our US customers. As a little light relief the guys decided to practice surveying near some well-known landmarks!

Every time we do training for damage assessment teams reinforces the key tenants which our customers demand from our software solutions.


Storm and emergency situations are inherently difficult to work in. The environment is challenging to work in and stress levels both within a utility or telecommunications company and the customers they serve are running high. Developing simple but powerful applications we have found is not as easy as it sounds. A great quote encapsulates the challenge

“If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter”
Blaise Pascal

Training sessions and working in the field with damage assessment teams we have found are the best way to learn how to fine tune our interfaces to be both simple and functional and the Orlando session generated many ideas that we have taken back to our engineering team.


One of the key areas we are working with our customers on is how to effectively transmit actionable information back to the storm center. We have found that just replicating the forms and processes that are currently in place is just step 1. When we work with our customer teams and show them the ability to add a picture to an assessment we are inundated with ideas about how valuable that information will be.


At our Orlando training we were also testing out GPS integration from the device back to the storm center. This worked really well in communicating the location of the assessment team in combination with the work order status to optimize further work so that teams did not have to travel too far for their next job and they were not left with no work to carry out.


After quite a few training sessions we have found speed to be the number on issue in training sessions! Our solutions are tailored to be simple, smart and really, really fast!!!! This main problem this causes is that the teams who tend to be from many different departments tend to get side tracked with a multitude of other ideas for using the technology. This is obviously a lot of fun to talk about but pitty the poor training team who has to keep them on track.

Great training session

We have a great training session in Orlando, our team brought back a lot of ideas for the product and got to survey near Mickey!