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Driving Proactive Network Management in Cable MSOs using Enterprise Location Intelligence

06 October 2015

North American Cable MSOs are unilaterally looking for ways to proactively rather than reactively manage their customers and networks. The primary drivers for this are to;

  • Rapidly respond to competitive pressures
  • Minimize customer churn
  • Efficiently manage operational costs

One particular area of change and improvement that is gaining significant industry adoption is Proactive Network Management (PNM).

Traditional approaches to network management involve reactively responding to network and customer problems as they arise. PNM means having greater visibility and insight into operations and offers enhanced decision support through trending and correlation so that network issues are addressed before they become customer problems.

The key to achieving proactive network management is having the ability to view and analyze many sources of information at the same time. This allows you to see the full spectrum of services, their statuses and commonalities among status issues which can accelerate proactive “how-to-fix” strategies and decisions.

The good news

Cable operators do typically have the necessary data to make proactive business decisions that address critical service issues, it is just not in an integrated, user-friendly form that operations and engineering teams can easily use.

We have found that the key to actionable and informed decision making is to integrate and correlate GIS & CAD data with critical operational data sources and deliver focused business apps to OSP Techs, NOC, Design, Construction, Damage Assessment, Repair & Restoration, and Customer Service.


Smart, simple to use map-based apps also allow staff to perform their work more efficiently. We call this a live geospatial operating view and it can drive significant improvements across many different areas of your business including Operations, Engineering, Customer Support, Planning, Sales and Marketing.

Customer led, Field tested

Working with two of the leading US MSOs we’ve established a number of cable industry best practices for PNM that reveal specific areas where data, systems and processes can be leveraged and streamlined for immediate and impactful results. This has been proven in the field and is being used by over 6,000 Cable and Telecom professionals every day.

By combining network assets with status and performance data, and conducting correlation analysis, we are able to quickly identify problems and address issues before they become customer-facing. Additionally, we have defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for customer experience based on the reality of their network performance rather than perceived performance or what is reported by the customer.

Presenting all this information in an live geospatial operating view that shows the entire network plant design overlaid with these KPIs, enables MSOs to see precisely what is happening in the field and proactively troubleshoot issues prior to sending field resources.


In this blog series we will cover the following topics:

  • Why now? Consumerization of IT enabling change
  • Geospatial data Integration - the cornerstone of PNM
  • Data synthesis and key KPI’s – managing the tidal wave of data
  • Where do I start? The incremental approach to PNM deployment

By using enterprise location intelligence technology and simple but smart end user applications, MSOs will learn how to quickly and effectively shift from fixing problems after they have occurred to using Proactive Network Management to address them before they impact your customers. 

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