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An IT Director, an Engineer and a GIS Manager walk into a Meetup…


20 March 2015

What happens when you gather together industry leaders from Utilities and Communications to learn from one another how Ubisense myWorld is changing the way they do business?

On Thursday, March 5, 2015, we hosted a myWorld Meetup event in Denver, CO, where more than 50 attendees joined us for a day of listening and learning. During the event four customers shared their own stories of how they use Ubisense myWorld, why they selected the technology and their plans for future deployments. One attendee said “hearing directly from myWorld users was great and really helpful, I learned a lot.” Our own Peter Batty, CTO Geospatial Division, and Shaun Hughes, Global Product Manager, also presented myWorld today and myWorld tomorrow.

For part of the day, attendees broke into different working groups to discuss hot industry topics such as Mobile Device Platforms and Data Integrity. In these groups they shared insights and issues and discovered that “everyone has the same problem.”

Throughout the event senior myWorld engineers were on hand in Advanced Technology Labs to demonstrate some of the ground-breaking projects they are working on that could someday be part of the myWorld product. One customer explained “The event was an eye opener for me. I had no idea myWorld was such as powerful solution.”

Plans are under way for another event, this time hosted virtually so that conversations, collaboration and progress can continue.


Francisco Sarmento of Duke Energy spoke at the Meetup

About Ubisense myWorld

Ubisense myWorld is a web and mobile platform that integrates data from multiple sources – your existing GIS products, other enterprise systems and external information – into one, single geospatial-based view. This view of the data is streamlined into focused, simple user applications to solve specific business problems.

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