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Ubisense adds two new German customers using its Google map based myWorld product


04 April 2013

Cambridge, UKUbisense Group plc (“Ubisense” or the “Company”) (LSE:UBI), a market leader in location-based smart technology, announces two new sales of the Ubisense myWorld product and Google Maps for Business, to Stadtwerke Kiel and Stadt Heidelberg.

Both customers use the GE SmallworldTM enterprise GIS to manage their spatial assets and networks. Stadtwerke Kiel is a multi-utility that uses GIS to plan and document their networks and manage faults. Highlights of the solution for Stadtwerke Kiel include improvements in fault management and planning. When faults are reported it is crucial to be able to identify their location. Key information which Stadtwerke Kiel uses for this is the address of the customer reporting the fault or that of a nearby place of interest. myWorld provides a simple and powerful one-box search tool for address lookup, bringing the power of Google’s search engines into the fault analysis application. When the fault location is identified users can use an integrated view of the nearby network, Google mapping data and also Street View information to understand what else is located in the surrounding area and assist in assessing the local risk associated with the faults.

System planners also benefit from the integrated view of network and web data. When planning a new network they will immediately be able to check the elevation profile and surface type that new build will cross using the terrain data provided by Google. This will help them to plan associated drainage and ventilation pipe design from their desk, without the need for a field survey, cutting down on time and cost.

Stadt Heidelberg uses Smallworld to manage all of the spatial data for the City of Heidelberg including land registry, land use planning, their waste water network, etc. myWorld will enhance their operations by adding Google mapping and Google search capabilities to their Smallworld system.

Richard Green, Ubisense Chief Executive Officer, said; “Uptake of the myWorld products has accelerated rapidly since their launch and these new contracts further demonstrate the power of these applications for our customers.

Sales of the myWorld product doubled during 2012, across a customer base ranging from electricity utilities in Europe to cable TV operators and municipal authorities in North America.

Our innovative myWorld products and solutions are based on the new generation of mobile and internet technologies, which can be used in the office or in the field, to do any number of tasks such as building new networks, restoring service or providing an integrated operational view. We are developing focused apps for smart devices which combine integrated enterprise and web mapping with other internet and back office systems to provide greater operational visibility and support to benefit our customers.”