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  • Day-to-day, aerospace or defense manufacturers need to coordinate hugely expensive assets and manage operations that involve multiple, complex processes. They often use multiple systems to help them do this, but still have very little real-time visibility of their operations. This lack of visibility makes optimizing processes and reducing costs a daily challenge and aerospace and defense manufacturers are facing pressure from every angle.

  • How does Smart Factory work?

    Every step in the assembly process presents an opportunity; a chance to add value, cut time, or reduce risks. Smart Factory accurately pinpoints and identifies your assets and correlates this information with data from your existing plant systems and devices. Based on this real-time data, the system lets you know exactly what’s going on in your aerospace assembly operation.

    Smart Factory automates or enhances quality control procedures and makes the insights it generates available for you to exploit. With it, you can drive widespread improvements to your aerospace production operation.

  • Smart Factory is helping companies worldwide to improve their profitability and meet the most stringent quality control requirements.

Manufacturers that use Smart Factory

Case Studies

How Smart Factory helps

  • Airbus, renowned manufacturer of the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A380, operates production facilities across several regions. Leveraging Ubisense Smart Factory, Airbus has gained global perspective of its assembly operations and boosted production efficiency.  

    • Decrease cycle time
    • Cut down WIP inventory
    • Introduce more robust manufacturing practices
    • Increase product quality
    • Minimize non-value-added work
    • Gain detailed operational insight

Smart Factory

Outcomes at a glance

Smart Factory gives you unprecedented visibility into production and workflow across your aerospace manufacturing operation. Armed with this information, you can optimize the entire manufacturing process, boosting productivity while reducing costs. Smart Factory can be set up with minimal disruption and is already delivering results for many other aerospace and defense manufacturing organizations. Smart Factory delivers unique Six Sigma reliability, even in the most demanding of environments. With seamless, end-to-end location intelligence, you’ll understand exactly how the processes in your operation are functioning.

  • See the status and location of thousands of key assets – at all times
  • Eliminate wasted time spent searching for assets
  • Inform production staff about anomalies and objects in forbidden zones
  • Analyse and view reports on asset movement and containment
  • Synchronize the delivery of sub-assemblies to the final assembly process
  • Measure process performance against plans – singling out any bottlenecks in production.

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