myWorld for Communications Service Providers


    As a Communications Service Provider, innovation keeps you ahead of the curve. Your customers demand continual up-time and they have an ever-increasing appetite for the ‘latest and greatest’ technology. They won’t reward you with their loyalty unless you meet their need for fast, uninterrupted service.


    We understand the challenges of managing your network with disconnected systems and manual processes. We also understand what drives your business, including the importance of providing the best customer service, gaining a competitive edge and lowering operating costs.


    Ubisense myWorld transforms field services and network operations with simple, smart, fast technology, bringing together key information from across the enterprise into a single view. Combine billing, CRM, trouble ticketing, status, service trends and performance with your network assets to effectively correlate issues and connect all the dots for unprecedented decision support.

Case Studies

How myWorld helps

  • Ubisense myWorld gave a major cable operator unprecedented operational visibility to pinpoint widespread damage to infrastructure, prioritize response efforts and restore service to customers.

    • Repairs were completed faster, based on accurate, streamlined restoration requirements
    • Storm damage assessment was far more efficient, allowing development of a strategic response plan
    • As the storm approached Ubisense myWorld was deployed immediately


Service Provider Business Impact

With myWorld your staff have all the network-related information they need to make informed decisions, in an easy-to-use mapping application, whether they’re in the office or in the field. myWorld instantly boosts their productivity  and there is no technical training required.

myWorld is engineered to be flexible and fit your specific organizational structure. We will team with you to transform today's challenges into new business capabilities. To learn more, contact us.

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