Heavy Vehicle Solutions

  • Manufacturers of heavy vehicles are constantly dealing with high-value assets and work in progress inventories. They simply cannot afford to lose time or incur errors. But they often don’t have visibility of the real-time status of their operations, or integration between the multiple systems they use to manage their expensive components.

    How does Smart Factory work?

    Smart Factory accurately pinpoints and identifies your process-critical assets and correlates this information with data from your existing plant systems and devices. 

  • Based on this real-time data, the system delivers a virtual interpretation of exactly what’s going on in your vehicle assembly process.

    Smart Factory empowers automation and makes the insights it generates available for you to exploit. With it, you can drive widespread improvements to your heavy vehicle production operation.

    Ubisense Smart Factory is a production-certified system that delivers unprecedented process visibility for vehicle manufacturers. It delivers detailed, timely knowledge of your asset location and availability and integrates this with your production objectives. 

  • Smart Factory is proven to help manufacturers optimize efficiency and reduce errors in manual vehicle assembly processes.

Manufacturers that use Smart Factory

Case Studies

How Smart Factory helps

  • BMW, renowned for innovation and ultra-efficiency, implemented Ubisense Smart Factory in its Regensburg car manufacturing plant to automate tool control and eliminate manual barcode scanning, driving widespread efficiency gains.

    • Decrease cycle time
    • Cut down WIP inventory
    • Minimize non-value-added work
    • Gain detailed operational insight
    • Introduce more robust manufacturing practices
    • Improve rework activities

Smart Factory

Outcomes at a glance

The large vehicle manufacturing sector is ever evolving. Today, quality assurance and traceability are paramount, coupled with requirements for faster production and tighter margins. Smart Factory understands the nature of heavy vehicle manufacturing, enabling you to not only keep pace, but get ahead. Smart Factory is quick and easy to set up and is already delivering results for many other heavy vehicle factories. Even in the most demanding of environments, Smart Factory delivers unique Six Sigma reliability. With seamless, end-to-end location intelligence, you’ll understand exactly how your factory is functioning. 

  • Know the location and status of every product and critical production asset
  • Easily find the specific objects needed to meet your current objectives
  • Make objective decisions based on data
  • Eliminate manual production status checks
  • Automatically identify and locate process performance issues
  • Enable front line managers to proactively maintain production flow, prioritize tasks and optimize asset utilization
  • Deliver automatic alerts and push notifications, so key people are fully up-to-speed

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