Passenger Vehicle Solutions

  • Passenger vehicle manufacturers are continually striving to reduce cost and waste and to refine their processes so that throughput is optimized. Now the modern consumer landscape is adding new pressures too, such as an increased demand for vehicle customization.

    How does Smart Factory work?

    Ubisense Smart Factory is a production-proven solution, that’s helping companies worldwide to improve their profitability and respond to changing customer expectations.

  • Smart Factory has been designed from the ground up to specifically address automotive vehicle manufacturing challenges. It accurately identifies and locates your process-critical assets in real-time and consolidates this information for you, delivering enhanced operational awareness, adaptive control and data-driven insights.

    Not only does this increase the throughput in your plant, it also helps improve your product quality by eliminating the errors associated with many manual processes. 

  • Smart Factory eliminates the cost and waste associated with traditional vehicle identification systems.

Manufacturers that use Smart Factory

Case Studies

How Smart Factory helps

  • BMW, renowned for innovation and ultra-efficiency, implemented Ubisense Smart Factory in its Regensburg car manufacturing plant to automate tool control and eliminate manual barcode scanning, driving widespread efficiency gains.


    • Decrease cycle time
    • Cut down WIP inventory
    • Minimize non-value-added work
    • Gain detailed operational insight
    • Introduce more robust manufacturing practices
    • Improve rework activities

Smart Factory

Outcomes at a glance

In the shifting and competitive landscape of the 21st century passenger automotive production sector, Smart Factory can help you stay ahead of the curve. Smart Factory can be deployed with minimum effort and is already delivering results for many other passenger vehicle manufacturers. Smart Factory brings concrete benefits both on and off the automotive assembly line. It allows you to:

  • Enhance your ability to deliver product customization
  • Allow you to gain maximum benefit from your enterprise data
  • Eliminate errors in highly repetitive work tasks
  • Enable the use of cordless tools, which in turn reduces takt times
  • Minimize line stoppages
  • Radically reduce the cost of searching for products and assets
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement throughout automotive vehicle assembly operation
  • Eliminate the burden of reconfiguring hardware infrastructure in line re-balancing

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