Accelerating urbanization is causing more people to choose public transit over driving, and so transit operators are under constant pressure to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. They are rapidly adopting Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technologies to maintain on-time service and streamline operations when buses are on route.

Despite widespread adoption of these technologies, operators are often challenged by a lack of visibility inside their yards. Ubisense SmartTransit technology fills the in-yard blind spot left by traditional AVL solutions: It supplies the missing visibility required to improve pull-out performance and streamline yard operations, helping transit operators most effectively meet their commitments and increase their ridership.


  • Real-Time Yard Vehicle Location
    Ubisense Dimension4 real-time location system precisely locates vehicles indoors and outdoors with absolute reliability.  To automate yard operations even a single bus in the wrong location can dramatically impact pullout performance.

  • Integration
    Ubisense SmartTransit integrates with many other systems providing the required location and logistics information for streamlined operations.

    • Scheduling
    • Fleet Management
    • CAD/AVL
    • Maintenance management
    • Onboard monitoring
    • Fueling systems

  • Live Interactive Yard Map
    Web based view of yard yard and markup sheet shows live view of vehicle location and status.  Easy to customize symbology allows each department to have a view configured to their requirements.  Easily search for specific vehicles or sets of buses with certain types of characteristics such as equipment or maintenance status.


Metro Transit, Minneapolis/St Paul

“Ubisense is helping us toward our goal of reducing operating costs by automatically logging the location of each bus as soon as it is parked in or around one of our garages, making it possible for dispatchers to assign buses to operators without having to manually enter the location of the bus, which is not always up to date.”

Metro Transit, Twin Cities MN

Le Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), Montreal

    “It does all the back-end work. The system identifies which 180 buses are ready for pullout at 4:30am. Our drivers simply use their smart cards at kiosks stationed in the yard to quickly obtain their bus assignment.”

    Suzie LeHouillier, Director of Projects

Precision Tracking

Reliable precision tracking is the foundation of transit yard automation. It is impossible for automatic pull-out and assignment if bus location is not in the right lane and position. Ultra-wideband location is the only technology which has been proven to work in an environment as tough as a transit yard or garage. Highly metallic, low clearances between roof and bus, variable high buses and configurations and constant movement at critical times all challenge location technologies precision and reliability.

    Industrial Sensor


    Industrial IP67 UWB sensor designed for use in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.  Senses both Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) providing greater accuracy and reliability than any other industrial location sensor.

    Vehicle Tag


    Proven to work in any environment when mounted on vehicles.  Survives extreme temperatures, harsh weather and bus maintenance and wash processes.  Can also be delivered with additional GPS chip for combined tracking with UWB.

Department Benefits


  • Maintenance

    • Mechanics can immediately find the vehicles they need to work on
    • Reduces vehicles shuffle time
    • Integration to maintenance management ensures that vehicles on hold are not dispatched
    • Contractors can rapidly find vehicles for maintenance
    • Integration with onboard maintenance monitoring provides quick alerts to move critical fault vehicles to maintenance 


    • No walking to garage to look for buses
    • Eliminates need for a static piece of paper (markup sheet) to keep track of the yard
    • Removes requirement for yard auditors

    • Reduced search time for vehicles
    • Real-time mark up sheets are always up to date
    • See which vehicles are available for pullout
    • No dispatching of vehicles with critical faults – reduction in roadside callouts
    • Drivers find vehicles immediately improving pull out times
    • See which route and driver is assigned to a bus


    • Proper staging reduces late pullouts
    • Pullout times are accurately recorded improving performance measurement
    • Automated batch vehicle assignment with spot level bus precision location
    • Proper staging for optimal pullout

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