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Ubisense helps a cable operator navigate and recover from destruction of Hurricane Sandy


     Solution: myWorld for emergency recovery

Sector: Cable service operator

Location: USA


Ubisense myWorld gave a major cable operator unprecedented operational visibility to pinpoint widespread damage to infrastructure, prioritize response efforts and restore service to customers.


The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy left nearly 8 million businesses and households without power in 15 states and the District of Columbia. The largest Atlantic hurricane on record, and the second most costly hurricane in United States history, caused widespread flooding and power failures that wiped out cable service in the Northeast. Sixty five percent of one cable operator’s customer base was without service.

This cable operator had a detailed storm preparedness plan that accounted for emergency staff assignments, close coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and cooperation with local utility companies. But the company quickly realized it needed to gain much greater operational visibility to fully comprehend the extent of the storm damage. Without this critical insight, the cable company would be unable to effectively manage its disaster response teams.


Ubisense had just begun working with this major cable provider to deploy Ubisense myWorld, a powerful enterprise software platform. With the impending impact of Hurricane Sandy fast upon them the decision was made to deploy myWorld as a new and important tool to help with their efforts. With virtually no lead time the Ubisense team deployed myWorld immediately and provided frequent system updates in near real-time during the damage assessment and recovery process.

myWorld is a solution that integrates data from multiple sources – including GIS and cloud data – into a single view. The cable operator integrated information from many key sources, including customer device status monitoring, network assets and infrastructure, customer accounts and power supply alerts. myWorld then enabled all of the office teams and mobile field engineers involved in responding to the crisis to access a map-based overview of key business data from any device.

This allowed the cable operator to create a detailed health and status dashboard display of the entire service area that clearly depicted location-specific storm damage. Because Ubisense myWorld integrates network asset data with other mission-critical enterprise data and Google Maps, Satellite and Street View, storm response teams could pinpoint locations within the service area and view the damaged areas, assess restoration requirements and direct recovery efforts with maximum efficiency.


The cable operator was the first of those impacted by the storm to restore service to its customers.

Ubisense myWorld played a pivotal role in this extensive recovery process, enabling timely information to be shared, verified and acted upon by staff coordinating efforts from the office and communicating them to personnel in the field. This unprecedented degree of operational awareness allowed the cable operator to quickly assess the 450 miles of cable that had been damaged across 16,000 locations and prioritize and streamline restoration efforts accordingly. As a result, the company was able to respond more quickly and effectively than the other network operators impacted by the storm’s devastation and was also able to provide accurate and timely information to their utility partners, to help them with their critical restoration efforts.

Outcome in Brief

  • Storm damage assessment was far more efficient, allowing development of a strategic response plan
  • Repairs were completed faster, based on accurate, streamlined restoration requirements

Key Facts

  • Hurricane Sandy left nearly 8 million businesses and households without power in 15 states and the District of Columbia
  • Hurricane Sandy is the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and the second costliest hurricane in United States history
  • 65% of customers of the major cable operator were without power
  • Customer deployed Ubisense myWorld in 36 hours vs. three months
  • Customer used Ubisense myWorld to assess that 450 miles of cable were damaged across 16,000 locations