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myWorld transforms operations at TELUS with web and mobile solution


TELUS is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, with $12.6 billion of annual revenue and 12.5 million subscriber connections, including 8.4 million wireless subscribers, 1.4 million residential network access lines, 1.6 million internet subscribers and 1.0 million TELUS TV customers. TELUS provides a wide range of communications products and services including wireless, data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment and video, and is Canada's largest healthcare IT provider.

In early 2015 TELUS was about to complete the rollout of a new GIS for outside plant (OSP) planning, design and asset management. The team needed a web and mobile GIS platform to support critical operational processes with groups such as cable plant locates, field techs and construction. The key requirements for the new web and mobile solution were to:

  • Integrate with the GIS platform
  • Handle massive national network asset, address and lot parcel data sets
  • Scale up to thousands of users
  • Work both online and offline
  • Provide significant off-the-shelf features and functions
  • Support for all mobile device platforms
  • Built on a flexible architecture for configuration, development and integration
  • Support for standards based file formats

TELUS ultimately needed to select and deploy a new integrated web and mobile GIS solution quickly that provided teams with up-to-date, accurate information and enabled the operations teams to meet business, deployment and regulatory requirements. In addition, its strategic fiber network deployment initiative required web and mobile GIS tools to meet critical progress timelines and milestone commitments.

The TELUS team had evaluated other web/mobile GIS solutions but they did not meet the essential requirements. Several of the key TELUS stakeholders were aware of Ubisense myWorld and impressed with the innovative approach, solution capabilities and leading-edge architecture, so the two teams began discussing the business and technical requirements along with the project timeline.

Following just four weeks of focused discussions, TELUS and Ubisense embarked on a four-week live system trial to prove out the key requirements in a realistic environment. The trial was a complete success and led to the selection of myWorld as the strategic web and mobile GIS platform for TELUS nationally. The phase one production rollout was completed in just five weeks.

Ubisense’s myWorld platform enables TELUS staff to see the network asset details integrated with Google Maps on their PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets, placing critical and time relevant information in the hands of field teams such as cable locators, installation and repair plus construction. The combined Ubisense and TELUS team has continued to release a host of myWorld features with a focus on providing all the information and functions that users need to be productive. These include complex network tracing, schematic diagrams, two-factor authentication for contractors, offline regional datasets, annotation management, additional data layers, fiber drop editing and planning tools.

myWorld has significantly reduced the average time it takes to locate cables from 5 – 7 minutes to just seconds. Today approximately 1,400 users access the information provided through myWorld and the number is growing. There has been a lot of positive feedback, with users praising the solution’s performance, usability and integration with Google.

Nelson Gillette, Director IS at TELUS said: “We’ve been very impressed with Ubisense, the team has worked very quickly and been able to cater for our specific business and technical requirements. myWorld is intuitive to use and provides a detailed view of our above and below ground network, layered on top of optional base maps including Google Maps, Google Satellite and Google Street View.

The open functionality of the myWorld application makes it possible to overlay many other types of data including forest fire perimeter details and power outage details. For example, in May 2016, it was used to assist with managing our operations in and around Fort McMurray Alberta. As a result, response teams were aware of the current location of the fire in relation to our network infrastructure. We have plans to overlay additional customer and business insight details to better manage outage events, ultimately providing an improved customer experience.”

myWorld has been so successful and well received that TELUS and Ubisense are now working to roll out additional business-focused applications including:

  • Integration with CRM, Trouble Ticketing, Service Delivery and Network Management
  • Fibre service area analysis and strategic planning
  • “Enterprise Crowd Sourcing” apps, enabling a growing number of TELUS employees to become participants in data correction, quality and ultimately integrity
  • Field redlines and edits with round trip updates
  • A focused portal for residential and commercial serviceability

Scott Casey, VP of Geospatial Solutions for Ubisense, said: “I’m really impressed with the TELUS leadership and solution delivery team. This has not been a traditional client and vendor engagement, it’s a true partnership based on aligned goals and shared responsibilities. The TELUS say/do ratio is unmatched and we look forward to expanding the myWorld platform and delivering continuous improvements in operational effectiveness, customer responsiveness and proactive network management.”