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Ubisense Awarded Best RFID Solution by CNRFID


Cambridge, UK - October 23, 2015 - Ubisense Group plc (AIM:UBI), a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, has been named the Best RFID Solution Award Winner 2015 by CNFRID.

The Best RFID Solution Award recognises the company which uses an innovative RFID product to offer a new solution to a user problem, and was announced during the International RFID Congress in Marseilles, France.

Ubisense received the Best RFID Solution award for the application of its industry-leading real-time location system (RTLS) to the automotive sector, where it uses active RFID on vehicle assembly lines. The RTLS helps eliminate non-value-added tasks, improve productivity and increase product quality.

CNRFID’s committee, composed of RFID experts and French business school ‘ESCP’ members, recognised Ubisense as the best solution for making vehicle assembly lines more flexible, and improving the competitiveness of production plants.

“We’re delighted to have been selected as winners of the Best RFID Solution” said Andy Ward, Ubisense founder and Chief Technical Officer. “Our solution enables more flexible, responsive assembly lines, which are essential for the plants of the future - allowing manufacturers to respond cost-effectively to increasing consumer demands for customisation.”

The Ubisense RTLS solution is already in operation at many of the world’s largest car manufacturers. It is proven to deliver the consistently-accurate location information that enables Production to guarantee that tightening operations are performed correctly, and to drive tangible improvements to the way they work.

About Ubisense

Ubisense (AIM: UBI), a global leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, helps manufacturing, communications and utility companies improve operational efficiency and boost profitability. Ubisense location intelligence systems bring clarity to complexity, enabling customers to revolutionize their operational effectiveness in a measurable way. Founded in 2002, Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, England, with offices in North America, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore. For more information visit: www.ubisense.net


The French National RFID Centre (1901 non-profit law) was created in 2008 by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment (MINEFE) to help in the development of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and to increase its usage. It is focused on making the introduction of RFID technology easier, developing new fields for its usage, and coordinating ideas and projects on a nationwide scale. http://www.centrenational-rfid.com/