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RABEN Group implements cargo location system using Ubisense Location Intelligence technology


Cambridge, UK – August 2015– Ubisense, a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, today announced the completion of a new customer project in the logistics sector. Using the Ubisense RTLS hardware and Location Platforms, VLS Engineering, a Cologne-based reseller equipped Raben Group’s main cargo location in the Netherlands with cutting-edge video infrastructure. Raben installed around one hundred cameras in- and outside the platform. Managers now have a full one hundred percent coverage of all major loading and unloading areas, storage locations, and entrances.

The aim of the project was to improve logistics processes, increase the safety of goods handled and completely document all services. Ubisense’s Location Intelligence Solutions were used to structure and index the cameras’ data streams and to make the contents entirely searchable. The systems adds a marker to the video stream and records a location and timestamp reading any time a barcode is scanned. The VLS solution then links the video recording, dataset and barcode within the warehouse management system. If a specific piece of cargo is required it is locatable in the platform’s single search window. The video system automatically provides an image of the last barcode scan, meaning users can also monitor recordings of the cargo and follow its route through the freight centre.

“We can now see in high detail the loading and unloading of our clients consignments on the docks. We are now able to monitor any cargo from inbound all the way to the outbound and it’s loading on the departing truck with 100% coverage of all handling areas”, said Steven Vossenaar, Quality & Risk Manager, Raben Netherlands B.V. “Our first goal was to improve processes and efficiency within the warehouses. Secondly we can now prove to our clients which consignments we received and in what condition. Through this we can ensure that all good were handled appropriately and loaded correctly. This really differentiates us from our competitors. The video system brings us to the front of the queue. We are now leading in this area of the market.”

“A dataset alone is no real proof for accurate processes. That is a weak point of warehouse management systems. But a video recording is a true form of documentation that proves everything arrived as it should have,” said Udo Rieger, Director VLS Engineering GmbH. “Our focus is to visualise interfaces at the liability transition points. We enable our customers to document what happened to each package from arrival to reloading in their freight centre.”

To do so VLS connects its video technology and Ubisense’s Enterprise Location Intelligence solution. “The ROI of our solutions is realised between 12 and 16 months depending on the amount and value of the transported goods,” said Rieger. “With increasing pressure to streamline operations, reduce cost and improve effectiveness and quality, businesses around the globe are looking for new and innovative ways to leverage technology,“ says Adrian Jennings, Vice President Industry Strategy, Ubisense. “Ubisense is helping companies to track high value assets and drive significant operational improvements, while allowing for increased operational complexity. The VLS solution for the logistics sector is enabling companies like Raben to do exactly that.”