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​Ubisense grows AngleID global distribution network with appointment in North America



Ubisense Group plc (AIM:UBI), a global leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, has appointed TransTech Systems as a distributor of AngleID in North America as part of an ongoing strategy to build and enhance its global partner network for its latest sensor product.

AngleID offers precision tracking in up to eight zones, bridging the gap between passive RFID proximity tracking and the exact location tracking of a Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Simple to set up, in less than 10 minutes, and with no training required, AngleID offers detection of tags at up to 150ft and works well even in highly metallic environments.

Paul Garner-Evans, VP of sales for Ubisense said: “TransTech Systems is an impressive business, offering expertise and knowledge as well as an excellent service ethic making it the perfect partner for us in North America. Since launching AngleID in America in May, there has been a huge amount of interest and TransTech Systems is perfectly placed to help us to capitalise on this and drive sales across the territory.”

Adam Cartner, RFID Product Manager at TransTech Systems, said: “AngleID is a very interesting product, we see it as a perfect wedge for cases where passive UHF RFID might not be precise enough for localization, but a full scale RTLS deployment would be more than necessary for the application and much more costly. It’s an ideal solution in manufacturing / work in progress (WIP), vehicle lot tracking and sortation centers. As an application specialist I also appreciate the simplicity of set up and use and the fact that no complex network level calibration and integration is needed. AngleID’s logic can work on the single-reader level to provide both real time feedback and ongoing data collection. Any users who need to know precisely where items are in a given physical space or in relation to each other will benefit from AngleID.”

If you’re a reseller interested in finding out more, please visit the TransTech Systems website http://www.ttsysrfid.com

To find out more about AngleID, please visit our dedicated website www.angleid.net