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Ubisense Secures 42 Percent Sales Growth Selling to Vehicle Manufacturers Worldwide in Second Half of 2014


Cambridge, UK — April 21, 2015 —Ubisense Group plc (AIM: UBI), a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, today reported a significant increase in sales among automotive manufacturers worldwide. Since July, the company has won four major new Smart Factory plants and expanded existing installations at several global vehicle manufacturers including BMW, CLAAS, Cummins, Daimler, Doosan, Honda Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company, John Deere, Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen. As a result, sales of its Smart Factory solutions in the second half of 2014 increased by 42 percent compared to the same period the previous year.

With this sales momentum expected to continue, Ubisense is significantly ahead of global vehicle production growth predictions which hover around a 4 percent increase year-over-year between 2014 and 2015 . Ubisense attributes its sales growth to the need for vehicle manufacturers to further optimize processes and improve quality as they adjust their vehicle design and assembly processes to accommodate for the increasing demand for choice.

“Vehicle manufacturers are facing the same challenges around the world,” said Richard Green, CEO, Ubisense. “While always working on ways to improve efficiencies and increase productivity, quality control is becoming of ever greater concern as the demand for customization and choice gains popularity among consumers. Our Smart Factory technology peels back layers of the online and offline manufacturing process and gives customers the ability to see what they couldn’t see before. This gives them the ability to identify and fix bottlenecks along the assembly process and gain significantly more operational control.”

Leading vehicle manufacturers currently using Ubisense Smart Factory include four of the top five and eight of the top 15 global automotive companies across Europe, Asia and the US.

Ubisense Smart Factory enables companies to gain real-time manufacturing operational awareness, adaptive control and data-driven insights by accurately identifying, locating and tracking process-critical assets (e.g. vehicles, materials, tools and components) throughout the manufacturing cycle. By leveraging location data gathered through its best-in-class real-time location system (RTLS) and production data from manufacturing and enterprise systems, Ubisense Smart Factory gives manufacturers unprecedented process visibility and control.

Ubisense Smart Factory analyses the information and delivers data to tools/devices and critical insights to users which can be leveraged to make more informed business decisions. Smart Factory leverages location intelligence to create true business intelligence and this is often achieved through industry partnerships. For example, the tight integration with Atlas Copco leverages location intelligence to create powerful uses for cordless tooling both on the assembly line and throughout the rework process. This results in measurable cost reduction, guaranteed productivity gains, quality improvements and the ability to effectively manage mass product customization.

For more information about Ubisense Smart Factory, visit ubisense.net/en/products/smart-factory

About Ubisense

Ubisense (AIM: UBI), a global leader in Enterprise Location Intelligence solutions, helps manufacturing, communications and utility companies improve operational efficiency and boost profitability. Ubisense location intelligence systems bring clarity to complexity, enabling customers to revolutionize their operational effectiveness in a measurable way. Founded in 2002, Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, England, with offices in North America, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Singapore. Follow us on Twitter at @UbisenseFactory.for the latest Smart Factory product and industry news.