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Why Geo IoT is the productivity enabler you need today


Ubisense welcomes LTI to host a joint webinar that looks at why geo IoT is the productivity enabler you need today.

Taking place on 26th October between 14:00 and 15:00 BST, the webinar will explain:

  • GEO IoT – what is it and why is it important? -
  • How Ubisense’s Geo IoT platform SmartSpace addresses market challenges by unifying location and identification across multiple departments and business units
  • Department specific problems such as integration with the existing business ecosystem and turning technology into ROI
  • Real life examples demonstrating how location-enabling environments increases productivity and profitability across multiple departments and functions whilst reducing logistical errors.

To finish the session, there will be a Q&A section with experts Hanspeter Meindl, Business Solutions Director IoT – LTI, and Jon Heathcote. Head of Product Management – Ubisense. 

To register, please click here