Scalable, precision tracking

To improve industrial processes, the real-time visibility of assets, products and people is critical. Ubisense Dimension4 provides the accuracy and fidelity of location required to build the next generation of industrial process control and improvement applications.  


  • Precision
    6" 3D accuracy in highly metallic industrial environments. Ultrawideband is the most efficient, cost effective location technology available for wide scale deployments.

  • Angles are Key

    Dimension4 uses both Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) to determine location. The additional use of angles means that there is three times more information available at each sensor, creating a more reliable and consistent location.

  • Real-time performance
    Designed specifically to support the real-time performance required when controlling and monitoring complex processes. Systems can support thousands of locations per second and still deliver the required accuracy for true and machine-level, real-time applications. 


Dimension4 is used in many different industries



    Military Training











Industrially Proven Reliability

Industrial Tag


Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, the industrial tag optionally comes with a GPS option. At a 1 Hz update rate the battery will last up to 10 years.

Tool Tag


Elegantly designed to fit on industrial tools but still tough enough to survive every day use.  This modular tag can also be separated and connected using a cable for more flexible mounting options.

Case Studies

Dimension4 in action

  • BMW, renowned for innovation and ultra-efficiency, implemented Ubisense solutions in its Regensburg car manufacturing plant to automate tool control drive real-time process intelligence.


    • Eliminated the cost and burden of manual processes
    • Reduced risk of errors and rework
    • Increased productivity and savings
    • Enabled total traceability and compliance 
    • Increased efficiency and automation

Dimension4 Research and Development Kit

To enable the rapid evaluation and deployment of Dimension4 we provide a Research and Development Kit.
Each development kit contains;

4 Sensors
10 Tags