As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) explodes there is more exploration into deriving value from billions of connected devices. Ubisense SmartSpace provides context and information from any device that moves by measuring complex interactions between objects and their environments.


  • 3D Spatial Monitoring
    We live in a 3D world so we monitor spatial interactions in three dimensions in real-time.  Use the spatial events to control processes and make the environment react to your actions.

  • Massive Scalability
    Designed to monitor and model huge environments, scaling up to millions of square feet and thousands of objects in real-time.

  • Any Location Data
    Location can come in many different forms, precision UWB, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and vision systems. Our solutions can utilize model and monitor any location data. 

    Visual Programming Engine

    Build rules to monitor and control your environment using the SmartSpace Rules Engine.  No programming required, simply drag and drop elements to build sophisticated spatial rules.  Example rules:

    • Raise an alert if an asset has been in a work space for more than 5 minutes
    • When contacting a doctor, wait until they have left a patient's room before sending a text message
    • Raise an alarm if two drums of a specific chemical are within 30 meters of each other

Programming Space

We allow you to make sense of the movement and interaction of anything in your environment.  To do this we provide powerful integration and programming tools to control and manipulate spaces and interactions.

Different Types of Space

    • Static Spaces

    These spaces are defined in the virtual environment to represent logical areas of interest.  Typical examples of static spaces are rooms, work zones, desk areas and departments.

    Example Patient and Bed


    Patient enters a room and lies on the bed.  The patient dynamic space enters the bed static space and an entry message is generated.


    Dynamic Spaces

    These spaces move with an object.  An object can have any number of different spaces associated with it and spaces can even change shape based on other variables, such as speed of movement.

    Example Doctor and Patient


    Doctor enters the patients dynamic presence space.  An time stamped entry message is generated that shows the interaction.



Scalable Modular SmartSpace Platform

Ubisense SmartSpace is a rich development platform that allows any spatial input to be modeled and monitored. Information can be presented in many different formats including 3D maps, schematic displays, dynamic reports and alerts and messages. It makes sense of movement in any environment and allows you to integrate spatial real world monitoring and analysis into your Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.



SmartSpace has a built in reporting engine that is designed to report on spatial interactions throughout an environment.  These different reporting tools can easily be customized to suit your analytic's needs and combined with other business reporting engines.

  • Dwell Time


    Process Box Plot



  • Process Flow


    Area Occupancy


    Mean Step Time


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