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myWorld Damage Assessment is a flexible software platform that enables Emergency Response and Operations teams to drive efficiencies throughout the damage assessment process during storms or emergency events. Its versatile architecture allows rapid deployment and easy integration to existing GIS or network management systems.

myWorld Damage Assessment dramatically improves overall field communication as well as the speed and quality of information collection, which has a direct positive impact on predictable restoration time and customer satisfaction.

  • Who is it for?

    myWorld Damage Assessment benefits everyone in the organization with improved situational awareness and decision making during storms and emergency events. 

  • Personnel can access web-based assessment status and dashboards from anywhere, which dramatically streamlines reporting and communication, enabling people to focus on vital safety and service restoration efforts. 

    With myWorld Damage Assessment...

    • Assessors can reduce windshield time, remotely receive their work orders, speed up their assessments and reduce errors with greater situational awareness in the field. They can easily create follow-up orders without the need to use a manual form. With the use of myWorld Damage Assessment, the requirement for written descriptions or complex diagrams is eliminated, and Assessors can more easily avoid overlaps or duplicated work.
    • Storm Coordinators are able to better orchestrate the overall storm assessment, reduce the amount of time crews spend on restoration, and improve their predictions of restoration time. With myWorld Damage Assessment, work orders can be assigned to Assessors without them having to come into the office, and Storm Coordinators can make quicker, more informed decisions about whether mutual aid is required.
    • Materials Managers have the information they need to effectively select and package the correct materials, and can improve materials delivery with knowledge of where crews dropping off materials are at all times and when they will be arriving back at the yard. 


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How it works

Damage Assessment at a glance

myWorld Damage Assessment automates manual paper-based field assessment. It leverages rather than replaces existing systems by integrating any available enterprise data source such as GIS, ERP, OMS, NMS and CIS, and adding new, cloud-based data such as Google data, weather and traffic feeds.

In this way, myWorld Damage Assessment provides a live view of the assessment efforts for Storm Supervisors and Emergency Managers, and enables field workers to collect damage data more effectively, using any mobile device with or without a permanent network connection. myWorld Damage Assessment is simple to integrate with many different systems, including GIS, OMS, NMS, Materials Management and MWFM. It can be implemented without disrupting current operations, and with minimal IT resource overhead in comparison to other enterprise systems. What’s more, myWorld Damage Assessment has been strategically designed as a platform that can scale as your grid gets smarter - adding in new data sources incrementally as they become available

Case Studies

How myWorld Damage Assessment helps

  • Ubisense myWorld Damage Assessment enabled Central Hudson to allocate damage assessment field teams and receive their assessments in real-time, delivering instant visibility of level of damage and completeness of the assessment.

    • Repairs were completed faster, based on accurate, streamlined restoration requirements
    • Field teams were deployed significantly quicker and more efficiently
    • Storm damage assessment was far more efficient, allowing development of a strategic response plan


Damage Assessment for Utilities and CSPs

myWorld Damage Assessment for Electric Utilities
myWorld Damage Assessment for CSPs

Our latest brochures & use cases


Damage Assessment for Storm Coordinators

myWorld Damage Assessment enabled the Storm Coordinator at a large US Electric Utility to deliver more predictable restoration times and improve SAIDI and CAIDI performance.


Damage Assessment for Assessors

myWorld Damage Assessment enabled Assessors at a large US Electric Utility to dramatically improve overall field communication as well as the speed and quality of information collection after storms.


To find out more about Ubisense myWorld Damage Assessment, download our brochure, read our case studies, or contact us.