Reliability Analysis for Everyone


myWorld Network Insight delivers an array of simple-to-use data analytics & visualization tools that enable anyone in your organization to rapidly investigate reliability issues on your network, and optimize your maintenance programs. 

  • Rapid Deployment

    We recommend an incremental approach to deployment.  Typical first stage deployment includes import of outage data and selection of a base map.  This usually takes under a week.

  • Key questions answered

    • How effective are my vegetation programs?
    • Which type of outage is having greatest impact on SAIDI and SAIFI?
    • Where is the highest density of customers with HVAC?
    • What impact is crew travel time having on restoration time?
    • What is the correct priority of maintenance activities, based on proactive risk analysis?
  • Data sources integrated

    • Outage Management System (OMS) outage and crew data
    • ERP or Asset Management data on asset performance
    • GIS data for electric distribution assets
    • Vegetation management system schedules
    • Inspection reports
    • Financial performance data including capital investment and operating costs



Simple but powerful

myWorld Network Insight delivers a simple, smart data geospatial visualization tool kit that enables personnel to rapidly investigate reliability issues on your network, and optimize your maintenance programs. This powerful analytical functionality includes:

  • Smart icons
  • Cluster pie charts
  • Heat maps
  • Pie and bar charts
  • Scatter diagrams
  • Time series
  • List views
  • Key performance indicators

    Three operating modes

    myWorld Network Insight offers three different modes for users to view network data.

    For presenting huge volumes of data in a clear, cohesive way and quickly drilling down to view trends, or the detailed information required for decision making.

    For reviewing reliability data over a select time period, and playing back specific scenarios to spot ways to improve processes, identify training needs and investigate issues.

    To see a live view of network and asset status on demand, from any browser or mobile device 

Case Studies

One tool, many uses

  • Vegetation Management

    Typically a large budget item that requires constant attention to prevent persistent outages and power quality issues.

    • Instantly see how your vegetation outages are effecting SAIDI and SAIFI
    • Integrated with Google Street View for rapid diagnosis
    • Overlay historical and future trim cycles to optimize resource allocation and analyze contractor performance

    Planned Outage Analysis

    Planned outages can be managed in many different ways to minimize impact on SAIDI and SAIFI.

    • Filter quickly by planned outage type to determine the biggest impacts 
    • Filter by day of the week and time of day
    • Investigate how switching and opening jumpers could minimize customer outage minutes
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